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Together we can reach global improvements more easily. To work as effectively as possible towards our common goal – an ethically and environmentally sustainable textile production – we collaborate with a host of different initiatives.


In 2019, Nelly became a member of STICA - The Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action. STICA is led by the Sustainable Fashion Academy and supports the Swedish fashion and textile industry’s work to minimize climate impact.

Together we strive to understand our impact, share our knowledge and develop common tools for the endeavor. The initiative’s vision as that members will reduce their emissions in line with the UN climate goal – to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.


We at Nelly our proud members of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is a non-profit organization working for a better future, both for people and societies with cotton producing agriculture, and for industries where cotton plays a large role.

BCI instructs agriculturists how to use water effectively, keep the soil healthy, reduce the use of harmful chemicals and respect the workers' rights and welfare. It’s a holistic view on growing cotton in a more sustainable way. Better cotton comes from a system of mass balance and it is not traceable to end products. We at Nelly strive to support BCI with 50% of our cotton in 2020.

Read more about Better Cotton and BCI at bettercotton.org

Human Bridge

Since 2018, we have been working together with Human Bridge, a charity organization that aims to help people in crisis situations around the world. Human Bridge collects and sorts textile materials. The generated revenue goes towards the funding of various charity efforts.

Human Bridge mainly supports hospitals, clinics and organizations all over the world with medical and accessibility equipment that is no longer used in Swedish hospitals. It is thoroughly checked and then given another life for people in afflicted countries. Also clothes, heat filters, hygiene products and other necessities are sent as aid to refugee camps and other dire situations. Nelly contributes by donating surplus products and materials from textile collection at our main office, where the personnel also has the opportunity to donate textiles.

Amfori BSCI

Since September 2018, we have been a member of Amfori BSCI - a business-driven initiative aimed at improving working conditions in the global supply chain.

Amfori has over 2000 members and supports companies in their efforts to create ethical supply chains.

We are only interested in working with suppliers who share our respect for human rights and are willing to collaborate with us to improve their business practices. All our suppliers must sign the Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct which, among other things, includes health and safety, fair wage, and job stability requirements. To ensure these requirements are followed at the factories that produce our private labels, we conduct our own site visits and reviews with the help of third-party companies.

The Textile Importers

The Textile Importers is an industry organization for all who drive trade in textiles, leather wares, clothes and shoes. They provide an industry specific service to member companies and help with keeping track of everything that deals with trade in these commodities.

We demand our suppliers deliver products that do not contain prohibited, unhealthy or environmentally harmful chemicals. The suppliers are contractually obligated to follow the current chemical regulations. To aid us we use The Textile Importers' Chemical Guide.

CSR West Sweden

Sweden’s largest cross-sector network for sustainability. CSR West Sweden offers their members help with processes that facilitate strategic and systematic sustainability efforts. They offer courses, seminars and network meetings for companies and organizations focused on the exchange of experiences.


SSEI – Swedish Shoe Environmental Initiative is a network for companies in the Swedish shoe industry. The initiative’s goal is to increase the knowledge of environmental questions with a focus on the production of shoes.

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