Baby im a rockstar

Baby, I'm
a rockstar!

Baby, I'm
a rockstar!

Dress Soldout
We could do this all night
We got the keys to open paradise
Come on baby we can hit the lights
Dress Soldout
Yeah Imma dance my heart out 'til the dawn
But I won't be done when morning comes
I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight


Summer's festival bonanza is the time of the year to let loose our inner tiger, ladies, and set our sights on the music scene's vibrant savannas strewn about Europe. Way Out West, Roskilde or maybe Summerburst?
The choices are many, just like the endless array of outfit combinations and styles associated with festivals. That said, throw the dress codes and trends against the wall. At festivals, the only rule is there are no rules – come as you are and wear what you want to wear. We definitely love the Bohemian winds that blew across the Atlantic, from Coachella Valley, a few weeks ago - ethno patterned dresses, cute off-shoulder tops, shut up boots, and accessories so heavy they'll seriously put your posture to the test.

The most interesting part of festival fashion is it's ability to be an all-out game changer, an uninhibited pusher of limits, making new statements and working with just about everything.
Nothing is awkward – and everyone accepts their fellow festival-goers. Thumbs up! And: From being in a mud pit, wet tents and Kate Moss in high Hunter boots on Glastonbury (in the English Somerset festival), today it holds an underground status as one of the world's most inspiring places for Snap-loving streetstyle, glamping (glamorous camping, ooh la la) and girls who just wanna have soooo much festival fun!

Which festival style are you?

Festival fashion is bigger than ever! Are you all-in with boho or do you prefer a more sporty look? Don’t stress tho. You don't have to decide just yet. We'll guide you through all the festival styles!

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