Awesome that you wanna be a member! Now you’ll get an extra personal shopping experience, the ability to save your favorites, collect NLY Points, not to mention follow your orders and much more. And the best part? It’s totally free! To kick things off, we ask that you read through and accept these membership terms. They apply to everyone who wants to create an account with us.

Registration and Membership

In order to create an account with us, you must be at least 18 years of age or have consent from your legal guardian. Membership is personal and cannot be transferred or shared with anyone. You can only have one (1) membership at Nelly. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information you provide. If it is discovered that false information was provided during registration, your account can be deleted as a result. Be cautious with your login information and handle it accordingly. As a member, you are the primary person responsible for your login information. You are considered liable for the payment of all orders placed through your account. By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree not to abuse Nelly or your membership through the sending of spam, viruses or other means. NLY Scandinavia AB/Nelly has the right to review your membership account when violation of these terms is suspected. Members who do not adhere to these terms can have their membership terminated without warning.

Benefits of Membership

Nelly membership provides advantages in various forms, including taking part in a wide range of promotions, product discounts and the accumulation of NLY Points. As a member, you gain access to My Pages. There, you have the ability to save favorites and see your order history and invoices. You also receive a customized experience on Nelly. This includes smart product recommendations, in addition to specific benefits and offers based on your purchases and use of You also receive customized communication. You can, for ex: receive personal offers, discounts and greetings from us (such as on your birthday). You can also receive general membership deals. You will receive customized news, product recommendations, inspiration, event invites, and other advantages we hope and believe you will enjoy.

The advantages, offers and communication you receive are based on our information about you and your use of Nelly, such as your order and click history. We otherwise communicate through e-mail and other digital forms, including advertisements on both our own and external websites (for ex: Facebook). On occasion, we also communicate via text (SMS) and letter. You can log into My Pages and update your contact information or other settings to customize which communication you receive from us and when. Please note we are unable to help with limitations or changes related to social networking channels. In those cases, preferences must be specified through the respective account/site/app.

Points and Bonuses - NLY Points

NLY Points are a type of discount you can receive as a gift when you have a birthday (for example), but they can also be acquired in relation to some of our promotions. NLY Points work just like a discount code. Simply specify how many points you intend to use at checkout and the savings will be automatically applied to your order. 1 NLY Point is worth 1 €. They work just like product discounts and do not cover shipping fees or other administrative costs. You are welcome to combine your NLY Points with other promotional codes. The length of time for which NLY Points are valid varies. More information about this can be found on My Pages.

Membership Cancellation

Your membership is ongoing, but you can cancel your membership at any time by contacting our customer service. If you choose to terminate your membership, your account will be closed and any NLY Points you obtain will be removed. If you have not logged in, placed an order or been active with us in any way (through contact with customer service, for example) for 36 months, your membership will be automatically terminated. Your membership can also be cancelled, by us, if you violate the membership terms or misuse your membership in any way.

Changes to Membership Terms

NLY has the right to make changes to these membership terms at any time. All changes to these membership terms will be made public on or sent out via e-mail. As a result, NLY recommends that you regularly stay up-to-date with Nelly to maintain awareness of changes to the membership terms.

Processing of Personal Information

In order to process and administrate your membership, we also process your personal data. Information regarding the types of information we process about you and for what purposes can be found in our privacy policy.

Contact and Queries

If you have any questions about membership, you are welcome to contact our customer service here.